About Amie Lindsey Dobbs

Amie Lindsey Dobbs, a CPA from Rome, Georgia, is a woman of many talents. She is a formidable presence in her field and community, with a strong career in the construction industry, extensive academic accomplishments, and a love for enriching hobbies.

Academic and Career History

She holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and two prestigious graduate degrees from Kennesaw State University and Shorter University: an MBA and an MAcc (Master of Accountancy). These academic achievements reveal a knack for numbers and demonstrate her dedication to continuous learning and growth. Amongst her proudest accomplishments, she lists her status as a Certified Public Accountant issued by the state of Georgia as the fruit of rigorous study and examination.


She utilized her immense expertise in accounting and management to establish her woman-owned small business, Tri-State Maintenance Group. As the owner of this flourishing enterprise, she offers multifaceted insurance restoration services to private homeowners and commercial ventures alike. Additionally, her company specializes in conveying various maintenance services to the commercial industry. Tri-State Maintenance Group has been certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA), reinforcing the authenticity and professionalism of its business.

Areas of Expertise

She skillfully combines her in-depth knowledge of accounting with Dobbs’s proficiency in management to specialize in construction accounting and management. These areas of expertise have been instrumental in both the inception of her business and its sustained success.

Hobbies and Personal Life

Beyond the office, she leads an active and enriching life. Her hobbies include an eclectic mix of cooking, gardening, yoga, and travel, each adding a rich contour to her character.

She attributes her love for cooking and gardening to her grandmother, who handed down timeless recipes and techniques. She finds these activities creatively therapeutic, allowing her to express herself in a rejuvenating and fulfilling manner. Her cooking skills have been honed to perfection over the years.

Yoga, another one of her interests, was pursued after a friend, a yoga instructor, encouraged her to try it. She has journeyed to meet the 100-year-old yoga instructor Tao Porchon Lynch at Kripalu, an experience that she counts as remarkable. Like cooking and gardening, this discipline provides a therapeutic outlet that keeps her inspired and balanced.

Travel, though, holds a special place in her heart. Her firm belief is that reading and international travel are instrumental in enriching life and broadening perspectives. Her passport boasts stamps from memorable visits to beautiful countries such as Turkey, Italy, France, England, Ireland, and Mexico.

With a soaring career, numerous academic accolades, a thriving woman-owned business, and a multitude of life-fulfilling hobbies, Amie Lindsey Dobbs stands as an inspiration. Her dedication to her professional field and her approach to life are testaments to her incredible resilience and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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Amie Lindsey Dobbs